In an environment constantly changing in terms of technology,  the main mission of Mohammed VI International Civil Aviation Academy is to train engineers and senior executives well prepared to face the challenges of their career and as well as those of a fast-moving world of civil aviation.  

As a center of excellence for higher education and research in aeronautics, Mohammed VI International Civil Aviation Academy aspires to become a worldwide leader through:

  • Guaranteeing and delivering high quality trainingsin the field of civil aviation and related sectors
  • Developing a policy of active research in its field of expertise
  • Consolidating and developing cooperation with aviation centers worldwide

The Academy offers two basic training courses: 

Engineering program

This program endeavors to train engineers so as to more innovative in the various branches of Civil Aviation.  AIAC provides a modular curriculum, semi ‘sandwich courses’ and works to adapt its curriculum with the new expectations of the aviation industry and its related sectors.

formation initiale

The ministry of higher education has accredited the Academy as all the above-mentioned branches are in full compliance with the specifications.  Upon fulfillment of the requirements of this training course students receive an engineering degree, thus becoming Chartered Engineers.  Three basic training courses are offered: 

  • Computer Engineering
  • Industrial and manufacturing Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

ing prog

The Master Program

Mohammed VI International Civil Aviation Academy offers training to Air Traffic Controllers and Air traffic safety electronics.   The training curriculum takes four semesters, at the end of which a Master’s of Science degree in aeronautics is delivered.

master program

There two branches are available:

  • Air Traffic Management
  • Air traffic safety electronics

mast prog