Enrolling in Mohammed VI International Civil Aviation Academy- AIAC Mohammed VI – means joining a major engineering school attentive to the needs of the sector of civil aviation and other related fields, and one whose reputation is based on the requirements of excellence and high standards.

The Academy is committed to training engineers/managers and high level executives ready for the challenges of their career and the fast-moving world of aviation.

The different options available at the academy are:  Airline pilot, air traffic controller, Air traffic safety electronics personnel, Computer Engineering, Industry and manufacturing Engineering.  Trainees regularly do their research work; attend continuing training and other training activities as well.  Hence, AIAC Mohammed VI is a reference in human resources training and in related engineering fields.

AIAC Mohammed VI provides a rich and diverse education, based on a variety of teaching methods such as lectures, practicum, tutorials, courses, scientific research, services for other businesses, etc

AIAC Mohammed VI state-of-the-art laboratories and air traffic control simulators keep students in direct contact with the latest technologies while offering them a better quality of education. 

Throughout the curriculum at AIAC Mohammed VI, students stay in touch with companies via internships that prepare them for assuming responsibilities as future engineers.

Thanks to its growing reputation, AIAC Mohammed VI has built a network of partners through many special partnerships with major institutions in different countries. This outward-looking international perspective remains, more than ever before, at the core of AIAC Mohammed VI vision. 


Abdellah MENOU
AIAC Mohammed VI
Managing Director