Air transport is a sector characterized by constant institutional, economic and technological changes and obviously in such environment, training becomes of strategic importance to the development of this sector.  The Moroccan Airports Authority has therefore taken upon itself, among other priorities, the training of its personnel including Air Traffic Controllers and Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel.  

The October 26, 2000 inauguration by His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Mohamed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation (AIAC Mohammed VI) constituted a strong signal of the solicitude granted by His Majesty to this hub of knowledge in the field of civil aviation in our country.

Home for excellence and research, AIAC Mohammed VI is proud of its highly efficient pedagogical supervision and its advanced training, which is further strengthened by strategic alliances and partnerships established with various international organizations, specialized and well-renowned civil aviation schools.

In 2004, AIAC Mohammed VI launched a training course for Civil Aviation Engineers in order to help this new team be future leaders in the world of aviation. The aim is to train men and women to design and conduct complex and innovative activities in a sector with a high added value.

AIAC Mohammed VI is also a magnet for many citizens from sisterly and friendly countries both in the Arab world and in Africa. These trainees will confidently contribute their know-how to the sector of civil aviation in their countries thanks to the academy accredited curriculum which is delivered with high training quality. 

Today, we expect more efficiency and more reputation for AIAC Mohammed VI, which is not only a hub for training and expertise in civil aviation, but also in related areas: Computing, Electronics, Telecommunication, Industry and manufacturing Engineering.

Zouhair Mohamed El Oufir