Carried to completion in partnership with the National School of Civil Aviation (Toulouse) and Thales University (Paris), the academy complex covers an area of ​​6 hectares within the Technology Centre of Mohammed V Airport. 

Campus Life

It provides students with opportunities for personal development in the midst of a rich cultural and community life environment.  After 2014, there is aplan to consolidate the infrastructure with the following facilities:

  • 500 bed residency and study rooms
  • Residencywith20 VIP rooms
  • Canteen for 500 students and 100 teachers
  • Residency for students
  • Resource center
  •   Amphitheatre with 500 seats with 5 training rooms and a VIP lounge
  • 3 lecture halls with 100 seats
  • Computer center with 4 rooms and 20 workstations
  • 10 classrooms with 50 seats
  • Simulator with 4 labsupstairs
  • 12 laboratories
  • Security Centre
  • Offices for 40 teachers including relaxation, meeting, and refreshment room,etc…
  • Gym
  • Multimedia Room
  • Soccer field and tennis court



From Monday through Friday, shuttle buses regularly and free of charge provide transportation to students between the Academy and their residence (Casablanca, Deroua, Berrechid).

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